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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I return to the BCAF at Memorial Park in Houston with my sextet and also Melissa Darragh as a special guest.

So very stoked, am I.

The band rehearsed at our home on Monday and it went super well. I’m particularly excited that my mixed meter tune “Waiting For the End” sounded good in real life, not just on Finale. We also worked “Busted” which is a song I’ve wanted to do live for years. We are also doing some of the numbers of my first CD, “Hey There,” “Regret,” and “Dream Boxes.”

My Billy Joel rearrangement of “Just the Way You Are (except with different changes and no bridge)” should also please the non-jazz inteligencia. Perhaps we’ll please the inteligencia also… after all my group is:

Andre Hayward -trombone
Seth Paynter – tenor
Erin Wright – guitar
Henry A. Darragh – vocals/keys
Glen Ackerman – bass
Marcie Chapa – drums

Oh, I created a Facebook event, so of we are Facebook friends, consider peeping that for the info. Otherwise, I’ll all links and the like. Like linkeys later 🙂

Have a great day and weekend but don’t forget, SUNDAY, SUNNDAY, SUUUUNDAY.

so the voting is open and the rules of engagement has changed. this year, voters are allowed to vote daily until the polls close the second week of November.

i want not to campaign “vote for me” but would be remiss if i didn’t mention it at all on the intranets.


mad respect to the Free Rads, Tianna Hall, Kristine Mills, The Jazz Marauders, and Alicia Gianni

okay… i just took a minute to vote for myself. i’m reminded of Homer J. Simpson who didn’t vote for himeself and wound up losing the election by one vote.

ahem, now to more important things than popularity contests….