It’s not our fault.

It’s not our fault that you decided to go,

not up to us, for we truly didn’t know

what demons were beating you down day in and out

or even if we’d seen your pain, unable to really help

help came not from the VA, they just let you go-

if mad at anyone it’s them, that I know,

a final and violent end hurts us so,

but together we lean together and we’ll move to acceptance

accepting you’re gone pains my heart, I know you see

but I’m comforted the struggle is over

your struggle is over.


I pray I never forget how silly you are, Dana, nor that my playing made you giggle,

our days lived “one day at a time,” together I’ll not regret.

you showed me in my early sobriety I could entertain and not get drunk or high

I’ll miss you dearly and the world is crying, but we’ve many recordings of your songbird soaring, we love you, Dana, and we’ll see you again

at that big band in the sky

I dry my eye,

it’s not our fault.