My amazing musical week:

Sunday: Kellye Gray​ live cd recording taping at Wire Road studios. Pamela York​, Sebastian Whittaker​, Andre Hayward​, Warren Sneed​, David Craig​

Tuesday: 1st rehearsal for my cd release party. Rich, DC subbing, Kenneth Easton​ (sub), Seth Paynter​, and Ed Lowe

Here’s my arrangement of “I Should Care,” featuring Dennis Dotson.

played trombone and sang at Art Fristoe jazz jam Tim Ruiz​, Wat Son​, Robert Ceballos​.

Wed : major brake job with Gken Ackerman (musician can hang)

Thursday: solo piano/vocals Standards gig at Alzheimer’s community
Tianna Hall​’s inaugural vocal jazz jam at Costa’s with Paul Douglas Chester​ (vox/bone), sang duets with Tianna and also Diane Landry​. Sang “Dream Boxes” for Dana Rogers​ . It’s a song I wrote for Debbie Deborah Dunlap​ when her mom died. (On Tell Her for Me)

then, off to Erin Fisher Wright​ and Alisha Pattillo​ ‘s jam at Dan Electro’s (bone/vox) with Glen Ackerman​ and Erin. I had the honor of playing in front of one of Stevie Wonder’s trumpeters and also layed a new CDs on him.

Friday: Stevie Wonder​

Saturday night KPFT: promoted cd release concert. thanks Soular Grooves and Brotha Jibril Yusef Abdul-Salaam​!

Today/Sunday: Houston Symphony​ Verdi Requiem at Jones Hall to see/listen to Melissa Ragsdale Darragh​ sing in the chorus.

and that, my friends, is how I spend my last Spring Break as a student.