Here is the first track from my upcoming CD Too Much Mondaywhich will be released in March. Glen Ackerman (the bassist on the track) arranged this Standard for me and wrote it with Richard Cholakian’s drumming in mind. It’s the one track on the CD that I play trombone on. I am the first trombone to solo, as I trade 4’s with Seth Paynter on tenor… I wasn’t about to go after Andre Hayward, ha! Andre trades with Dennis Dotson (trumpet).

The release concert will be at Ovations in Rice Village on Sunday, March 29th. Sets at 7pm and 8:45pm

Also, here is my new logo: concept art by Melissa Darragh, graphic design by Tianna Hall

original drawing by Melissa Darragh, digitized by Tianna Hall

Stay tuned!