Yesterday I vaguebooked that I disliked the quigglies a lot. No explanation.

Here it is: when I am in the manic state and tired, I blurt out things and my body twitches. It looks a lot like turrets. It’s so frustrating because it seems to only happen when I need rest the most. It fires up my heart when it happens and I am totally awake.

Sometimes I blurt out what I’m thinking and it makes sense. At other times, it is complete gibberish. And, in the past few days, there is lots of cussing. “Fuck” seems to be the preferred word.

So what can one do? I attempt to stay off my phone, I have been doing some composing. Music seems to help, if not to cause sleep, to at least soothe my restless spirit.

I have a long morning ahead. My call is at 7am in Cypress for a rehearsal and 2 services. Oh, and the playing of Christmas tunes before, in between, and after the services.

It’s alright already. I’ve eaten, showered, and made some coffee which I have to really keep an eye on.

Changing the subject…

I turn 10 next Thursday. 10 continuous years clean and sober. I think that may warrant its own blog.

Much love,