My fourteen year old daughter, Hailey, is moving into my parents house. She wants to stay in Pasadena where here friends/peers are and I support that decision. She is going into high school and made the JV cheer leading squad and is also in the marching band. She has alot going for her.

So why the blog? Well, since way less people read this than my facebook page, I can get out some of the feelings, the emotions surrounding this move. When I tell people, friends that I love and care about their opinion, I find myself shaming out and guessing that they think I am a bad dad because she isn’t living with me and my wife, Melissa. Well, truth is, it doesn’t make sense to a) uproot to Pasadena, b) uproot Hailey and take her from her friends so she can go to Lamar and know noone!, and c) commuting to Pasadena 2X a day 5 days a week.

So, I am doing my work around that and getting used to the idea of my daughter living with my parents.
I prayed about it and really feel as if God’s will was for this move to happen. Why then should I fear?