I obviously don’t blog with any regularity. I remember a rather dark time when I write about having to get a medical withdrawal from school because I was really struggling with the manic and depressive bouts of my bipolar disorder.

Now I find myself at a blog worthy point in my life. I want to share that after around two years of rapid cycling (one manic and on depressive episode a month) I have had my first full month of being level. Prior to that, it was 3 straight months of awful depression.

Since I’ve share this much, I’ll share that a key factor of my month of being level is my getting on anti-depressants again. We cautiously, for fear of swinging manic, started at the smallest dose and slowly increased to where I’m at now. The depression leaving was subtle, not like the manic swings out. I’m still tired often and “need” naps but the darkness is mostly gone.

I feel like I’m on a level playing field.

My prayer is that this stays manageable and my large ups and downs aren’t so dramatic.

I’m doing the best in school than I have in years. I feel like I actually have the capacity of completing my doctorate. With good mental health, I have a shot at it.

Thanks for reading and take good care,