so I’ve been busy teaching 4 days a week, gigging, being a father, husband, man among men and my student hat was pretty weak. Ok, drop out of classes weak.

I withdrew from all at the last minute and it was in part due toy mood disorder. Bipolar I is my diagnosis and I dialog shyly take my meds but continue to swing monthly.

I showed up for class, mostly, and did what I thought was my best. In the end, the consequence is that I’m off scholarship now and that covered over 1/3 my tuition.

I got a ‘D’ in my composition lesson which put me at 11hrs of <B- grades. 1 more credit hour and I'm out of the program.

So! I've decided to either not teach or not school for a semester. Not gigging isn't a viable option for me. I need to work.

so I write this in the wee small hours of the marnin’ 🍀 and trust all will be okay.

All is right in God’s time and i’ve never quite understood His watch. Btw, Melissa is looking for a gig still. That’ll put me through college and slowed to go on senna rival from Writers in the Round. (studio I teach at)

The love,