iodelay! i sat in with Houston’s Los Skarnales on trombone. it was the CD release party for their new… CD. i played keys with Felipe Galvan y Sus Carnales a few years ago when they started playing again. the new name was far too complicated for most people and being that Jose, Partrick, Felipe, and Nestor were in el groupo y nosotros tacamos songs de los skarnales, the changed the name back to Los Skarnales. they won the Houston Press Music Awards in many categories that year.

anyhow, i haven’t played (or been to) Fitz since i played my last show with them 2+ years ago.

i decided to just show up with my horn. Nestor saw me making my way to the stage with my horn over my head. he grabbed it for me, put it up there, then proceeded to help mu up 5 feet.

Razo and Jon were still there (I brought Jon Durbin to Los Skarnales after i joined) and they have a new tenor player who also plays guitar. i’m an ass for not remembering his name, i’ll (edit that later)

fun, fun, fun!

had to hang my clothes on the back porch and take a shower when i finally made it home. oh, to play rock-star now and then…

yeah, i’ll stick with straight-ahead