nay sayers can keep saying nay about the Houston Press Awards or about their chosen category of preference, but I am glad to have been nominated this year and to have played for the Awards Showcase… even in the crazy Texas heat.

the Henry Darragh Quartet played outside the Manor on Washington at 2pm. it would have been the quintet, but JD had to go to the valley at the last minute, so we went drumer-less.

it certainly wasn’t the first gig this year to have to play sans drummer.

anyhow, Seth, Erin, and Glen joined me outside for very little bread to play to a small yet attentive audience. mostly made of the next band, the spare parts band. if it weren’t 100℃ out, i would have stayed to check them out! instead i took a nap before my gig that night.

oh… and it was also my first time to ever go to the Awards Showcase and i’d planned to go check out Los Skarnales (who I used to play with) and Karina Nistal (whom i’ve recorded for) and some other great acts. instead i played solo piano at the Junior League for a UH big wig. (i made the right decision, but missed the party)